Wednesday, August 26, 2009

we were ice, immobilised by our unliving. paralysed as we were by ghosts and dread, we moved like burn victims, gunshot survivors.
we moved like parts of us hadn't survived.
we were statute, watching like pensioners the lithe innocents tossing their smooth selves around the city. cartwheel exultation on street corners and leaping excitement behind the trees. rich exorcist laughter bouncing down train platforms.

of fighting life, we grew exhausted.
and fighting paralytics, we grew wiser.

today, we burrow deep&deep into water, sliding and stretching through chlorine, until our hiding becomes discovering. we dance with ourselves in the morning and seek hilarity in today's tragedies come evening. we fly into the air when you bring us colour. we go barefoot and let them stare. we laugh ourselves to the ground and gasping.

slowly, we are learning to move again.