Sunday, September 6, 2009

"parking your car, you said: i'm overwhelmed.
you were thinking out loud. you said: 
i'm overwhelmed.
you were parking your car. you said: i'm overwhelmed.
you were thinking out loud. you said: i'm overwhelmed.
you said: i think i'm like tennessee williams.
i wait for the click,
i wait...
but, it doesn't kick in."

-the national, "city middle," 2005

brick pollitt: something hasn't happened yet.
big daddy: what's that?
brick: a click in my head.
big daddy: did you say, 'click'?

brick: yes, sir.
that click in my head that makes me feel peaceful.

big daddy: boy, sometimes, you worry me.

brick: like a switch clicking off in my head... turns the hot light off, and the cool one on.
all of a sudden: there's peace.

-tennessee williams, "cat on a hot tin roof", 1955

Saturday, September 5, 2009

"It is when considering the concept of eternity that I become most frightened: to live without that which I am missing in the present alone seems just bearable, but the prospect of surviving within a void through decades, as bones wear and ideals abandon, beside fruitless and failing attempts to recapture that which I know, in the honest present, to be forever lost... There lies the root of all my fears.
I am afraid of a prophecy, of a fortune not terrible and hardly extraordinary, but a life from which I lack the tools to escape and the courage to describe: lackluster, and vanilla. I do not fear the irrational, the useless, the tomorrow; mortality hangs over and suffocates the precious internal fibers of hope and lust and joy, and stains my every footstep with its clammy presence of light and dark.

I fear the future that is created within my every waking moment and cemented by hourglass ghosts; I am terrified that my past will become an abyss, and not worth remembering."